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INFORMACE NA 777 55 66 90, nebo email: info@labskastezka.cz

The Elbe route

Welcome on the pages of the Czech Public Association "Labska stezka" (The Elbe Route). The Elbe Route starts at the spring of the Elbe River in the Krkonose mountains in the North of the Czech Republic, not far from the highest mountain with an elevation of 1,602 metres (5,256 ft), biosphere reservation on the UNESCO list.

Main goal of the Elbe Route is to inform Czech and foreign voyagers about the status of the Elbe Route, its surface quality on the different parts along its whole length.

Further we are trying to contact all responsible persons and voluntaries from all regions along the Elbe River basin and support exchange of experience and usage of the Elbe River not only for business, but also for cycling, hiking, (Nordic) walking, movement of handicap people on wheel chairs and roller skating.

You can also find here oncoming events, campaigns and related promotions.

Furthermore we make effort to create from the Elbe River basin a relaxing corridor for aquatic sports. The Elbe River navigation bound the river in quite melancholic flow which calls directly for rowing, paddling, yachting and swimming.

Thereinafter, the river bank keeps mostly a horizontal shape, full of meadowlands and fields which is predetermined for horse riding, western expeditions and other nostalgic commemorations on the horse back, as our forefathers and foremothers had done hundreds of years before.

We cannot omit the winter activities, cross country skiing and ice skating when the Elbe River is frozen, and give you another poetic view at the Elbe River basin.

We do not forget our handicapped fellow citizens. Very well constructed part of the Elbe Route from Kolin --Velky Osek -- Libice n. Cidlinou -- Podebrady to Nymburk offers them unique 29 km long path, available for wheelchairs for recreation and familiarization with the Natural trail.

These days we are organizing from 1. 7. till 7. 7. 2010 a seven-day biking journey "Tour de Elbe II 2010" from North Bohemia town Decin to the German town Magdeburg.

The next action not only for our handicapped fellow citizen "The Tour de Labe Handicap 2011" will start 13.9. in Spindleruv Mlyn and finish 21.9.2010 in Decin.